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A selection of programs available is listed below.  Please complete form on contact page to request a Program Request Form that lists all programs.  Programming is available in-person, virtual live or virtual pre-recorded. 

Storytelling for Schools, Libraries and Festivals

Come Freedom Come

Programming through Arts for Learning - The Story of Martha Ann Fields and her escape to freedom during the Civil War with eight children.

African Folktales

Anansi stories that include moral values and life lessons.


Historic Character Presentations

Martha Ann Fields

An Enslaved cook from Hanover, Virginia,  who took freedom into her own hands when she escaped in 1863 with eight children. This presentation follows her journey to Hampton, Virginia where her family became one of the wealthiest in the area.

The Calm Before The Storm: Nanny

The wife of Gabriel, who led the 1800 slave revolt in Richmond, Virginia, Nanny tells the story of how she and Gabriel spent their last night together before he was to rebel against slavery.


Legacy of Love

The story of Coretta Scott King and her fight for Civil Rights beside her husband Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

From Minty to Harriet

The Story of Harriet Tubman and her Legacy of her Ashanti Grandmother, Modesty

Professional Development for Educators

Storytelling as a Technique in Teaching | Duration: 1-2 Hours

Storytelling is the oldest form of education and is a proven way of improving the learning abilities of children in any course. This training session will include group interaction and practice, as well as provide a list of useful resources for the classroom. If you already tell stories, this would be an added bonus to assist others who may have some trepidation. 

Being History:  Character Interpretation | Duration: 2-6 Hours


Character Interpretation is a wonderful teaching and presentation method that is often used in museums for students and adults. Learn how to adapt this great method for both teacher presentations and student projects. Teachers will have an opportunity to meet and interact with a person from history. If time allows, and location permits, teachers will have the opportunity to become a Historical Character and practice immediately the techniques and lessons taught. 

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